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Tips for advanced living, ancient wisdom for twenty first century life - 90 minute workshop

An introduction to how our reactive mind can work against us and pre-determine our response to certain situations. This workshop examines reactive patterns of behaviour that, through no fault of our own, we have inherited from evolution, our parents and social conditioning.

Topics that will be examined include:

  • Thoughts and reactions
  • Habitual thinking
  • The nature of suffering
  • Facing difficult emotions
  • The ten attitudinal pillars
  • Simple practises for daily life

The workshop provides insight in to how we can find freedom from our habits and choose our attitude towards events in life. The concept of self is also examined, what this does for us and suggests some very different ways of managing the challenges of twenty first century living. 

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  • These workshops are intended for all staff from all levels to attend...
  • 10 staff would be a minumum these workshops are aimed at large groups
  • A workshop costs £250
  • Workshops can be delivered across the UK (although there may be some additional travel costs associated depending on the location)

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