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Previously Funded Projects

The Leadership & Management grant is open to all sorts of businesses for senior managers/directors, including private, franchise, public and voluntary bodies, providing that they meet the criteria of employing between 10 and 250 staff. A range of training and coaching can be accessed with the grant which can provide up to £500 refund on training with an additional £500 which would need to match funded £ for £.

Possible training topics could include:

Award in First Line Management
Team Leading
Influencing and negotiating
Team building
Presentation skills
Communication skills
I.T. Skills - including Train to Gain Leadership & Management Grant information click here

Train to Gain

Academy of Learning Ltd are approved providers for Train to Gain, many level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications can be part or fully funded through this fund, including Customer Service, Team Leading, Health & Social Care, Business Administration and Management.

The aim of Train to Gain is to address skills shortages that threaten productivity, increase competitiveness and motivate employees by funding relevant training and support.

Train to Gain has identified that effective training brings:

Increased productivity leading to increased competitiveness
Improved customer service skills leading to increased sales and customer loyalty
Greater employee satisfaction and leading to improved employee retention

Please contact us for the latest eligibility criteria for funding from Train to Gain if you would like to benefit.

Skills For Jobs

Skills for Jobs is designed to support people not currently in employment, Skills for Jobs aims to provide individuals with the skills, confidence and to find long term employment.

To compliment this work the programme also liaises with employers, the service is available for all industry sectors and aims to provide employers with competent staff who are dedicated, motivated and skilled.

Academy of Learning are delivering Skills for Jobs in Essex and Cambridgeshire from 2008 to 2010, the project is funded by the European Social Fund and the Learning & Skills Council.

The Skills for Jobs programme in the East of England is supported by the European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency and managed by TCHC.

Skills for Jobs


Migrants is financed by the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission. It is aimed at training trainers, mediators and support staff on how to assess the basic skills and competencies of adult migrants and their learning needs by using a software tool and also at developing life long learning opportunities for adult migrants.


Academy of Learning's role is to:
Develop the software tool/pool of questions per basic skill/ individualised training curricula corresponding to the specific needs of migrants in each of the participating countries.
Train trainers, mediators and support staff on how to assess basic skills and competencies of adult migrants and their learning needs by using the FIL software tool.
Pilot the results with groups of migrants in 6 countries (CZ, DE, IT, PL, TR, UK) to detect points to improve and finalise the product.
Develop ways and tools for further dissemination and use the products of the project.


Previously Funded


Advantage East


Advantage East offers nationally recognised and fully funded training for all staff employed by companies with under 250 employees in the East of England, no matter what previous qualifications they have. Advantage East can help employers to upskill their workforce with the least amount of disruption with tailor made on-the job training. Academy of Learning will be delivering NVQ Level 2 qualifications in Customer Service, Team Leading, Business Administration and Health & Social Care through this funding and a wide range of other qualifications will be delivered through other members of the partnership.

TAS for Agriform

Project in UK, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria.

After comparative analysis of small agricultural businesses in Southern Italy, Southern Europe and the Eastern Countries it was apparent that these family-centred businesses were reluctant to take on professional management i.e. sales, marketing or quality technicians.

Academy of Learning are researching the UK's and Germany's agricultural methodologies for in-house training; specifically aimed at the over 50's, little or no basic education or no formal learning culture. Taking into account their social status, working conditions skills in production techniques, quality, marketing and general business management.

The outcomes will be tested in Italy, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria.  


The starting point that led to the formulation of the project was the necessary and significant transformation of the role of the trainer, who is requested, more and more, to tackle system functions, which do not relate directly to training.

On the one hand, the role of the trainer shifted from the traditional monopoly of teaching or education to brokerage and coaching. On the other, the trainer tends to become a multi-purpose, process figure, covering the entire cycle of the intervention: from the analysis of the training needs, to the post-intervention assessment, to counselling, to the connection with the organizational development.

This is a transnational research and development project funded through Leonard da Vinci funds with from Italy, France and Estonia.

See for more information.


Transfair is a transnational Leonardo da Vinci project, funded by the European Commission of which Academy of Learning Ltd are a partner. The first point in the program is to explain and define what complexity means with relation to our local rural region.

Transfair wants to emphasise the inadaptability of the habitual means used in training and particularly in teacher training.

During this project our aim is to complete a European book regarding the rise of complexity in six European countries, the impact it will have on rural businesses, and a methodical handbook to support this work. All of the work will be displayed on a website to allow access to all six participating countries.

Along the way we have conducted of three local rural businesses, which have undergone management training or received business administration training. We have completed a complexity workbook and run a training session to local trainers who will now be able to support and guide rural businesses on how to deal with complexity. We have hosted a Transnational Meeting and prepared a pedagogical tool to support complexity.


'Action for Growth in the Rural Economy' (AGRE) is a rewarding initiative which helps protect rural businesses against economic decline, by encouraging diversification when adapting to changing markets. It provides free support and training to those who own or manage, or are employed in an agricultural or rural business.

The project is operated through East Hertfordshire District Council working in partnership with North Herts College, Hertford Regional College, Oaklands College, Business Link Hertfordshire and the Rural Enterprise Project.






AGRE course beneficiaries benefited from 1to1 I.T. training through the programme.

Academy of Learning Ltd., provide a range of management support and facilitate and co-ordinate a database of over 4000 contacts for the project. See for more information.


A research project funded under Leonardo which aims to conduct scientific research focused on the impact of cultural differences on students' expectations from job counsellors, to analyse the result of the research and prepare a scientific publication based on this analysis.

Academy of Learning together with from Poland, Sweden, Cyprus, Lithuania and Austria initially undertook to research what material regarding job counselling was available in their own countries. All then carried out extensive student research using questionnaires designed to investigate whether cultural, national or ethnic background has an effect on career expectations and the influences of career counsellors.

The results of the questionnaires were analysed and used in the compilation of a scientific publication (book) showing the outcomes of the research on the influence of cultural and national factors on the expectations from job counsellors.

The project also published its research and other related papers on a new web site and will present a scientific paper at a Conference in La Coruña in September 2005 as well as presenting the paper for publication in "International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance" and other relevant journals.

Click here for more information

Best Practice Across 3 Sectors

This varied and interesting research project looked at Marketing, Recruitment, and Financial Management, across the 3 Sectors of Private, Public and Co-operative companies.

There were 3 research reports written for this project and the final phase of the project was to train Business Mentors and create learning materials in 5 different formats to follow the results of the Learning Styles Research.

This project was funded under Article 6 and is run by Academy of Learning Ltd who was the only holder of Article 6 funds in the UK at the time.

One Voice

This innovative and exciting project provided young people of ethnic minorities with the opportunity to develop radio broadcasting and production skills, whilst addressing key skills in communication and personal development, mentoring and job search.

On the completion of the course, trainees were guaranteed airtime on a local commercial radio station.


This project established 2 associations to support Manufacturing and Engineering (AMEE) and Retail and Service (RISSE) clusters in the Basildon and South East Essex area.

Within these associations we aimed to develop 75 managers and 200 employees, improving and enhancing business competitiveness. Associates were then given the option to save 10% off future training with Academy of Learning and our partner organisation Prospects Training.


'Age Unlimited' worked with Essex employers to develop an 'age positive' culture, encouraging and promoting age diversity.

Re-evaluating and perceptions, with regard to employing people aged 45+. Promoting the use of the 'Age Unlimited' logo on recruitment campaigns.

Twenty employers located within the Uttlesford and Harlow areas were able to review their current and integrate new 'age friendly' practices into their recruitment and employment practices.

One hundred unemployed people/returners, aged 45+ from rural and urban neighbourhoods, attended and benefited from help to overcome employment barriers by re-evaluating their skills, action planning, developing job search techniques and networking to equip and support them in rejoining in the labour market, by the end of the 18 month project all targets had been met.

are undertaken, a unique employer guide/policy document and trainee workbook developed. The project included workshop/presentation events to promote this 'flag ship' project to an even wider audience of employers. Age Positive awarded Academy of Learning the an Employer Champion Award for our work with people aged 50 plus.

Proximity ICT Workshops

Project in UK, France, Chez Republic, Greece and Italy.

The project aims to use Audit and Diagnostic Tools in the above countries to evaluate SME's software and their users and to look at producing advanced software that will be significant to the business to optimise their management and overall organisation.