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Mindfulness - a practical workshop - 90 minute workshop

Improve your teams wellbeing with Mindfulness

An opportunity to experience practical guided training in mindfulness, a faculty that we all have and can develop, with practice, to improve our wellbeing.

The training is aimed at absolute beginners, although experienced practitioners are most welcome to join.

Initially mindfulness training consists of:

  • Practicing being present in the moment
  • Allowing the mind to settle
  • Developing an attitude of self compassion and acceptance
  • Practicing stillness of the mind and body

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  • These workshops are intended for all staff from all levels to attend...
  • 10 staff would be a minumum these workshops are aimed at large groups
  • A workshop costs £250
  • Workshops can be delivered across the UK (although there may be some additional travel costs associated depending on the location)

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Freeing your mind from the bonds of distraction will open up all kinds of possibilities and eventually allows us to see deeply into our habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.