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Developing a positive mind set - 90 minute workshop

Learn key strategies to develop a positive mindset

This session on developing a positive mindset will look at a range of strategies that can support us in the way we cope with the challenges that life throws us, with practice these strategies can help us to regain a sense control, calm and wellbeing.

Based on the work of Viktor Frankl and logotherapy, we will explore how thoughts and feelings impact on our wellbeing and how our attitude toward our suffering will determine the outcome.

During the workshop we will examine practical application of the theory to typical life events.

Topics for discussion include the following:

  • The impact of attitude
  • Logotherapy
  • Freedom through choice
  • Applying our will
  • Life events in context
  • Tend & protect system

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  • These workshops are intended for all staff from all levels to attend...
  • 10 staff would be a minumum these workshops are aimed at large groups
  • A workshop costs £250
  • Workshops can be delivered across the UK (although there may be some additional travel costs associated depending on the location)

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