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How Training can re-energise and refocus your passion for Management


Being a Manager at any level can be trying to say the least and if you have been managing a team for a number of years, then taking time to refresh your energy and skills, review your management style can really help you refocus your passion for management.

6 ways to refocus your passion for Management

1. Attend a conference, webinar, or Management Training Course to either remind you of techniques forgotten and not used or to introduce new skills, ideas and motivation.

2. Assess and re-evaluate yourself

Here are 3 assessments available that can help you to re-focus

Emotional intelligence assessments usually cover five main elements of emotional intelligence taking an assessment will help you to be more Self-aware, self-regulating and motivating, show empathy and highlight your social skills. You can then use the results to positive effect in your career.

Management aptitude tests will measure the skills you have to do the job at that level of seniority.

Management psychometric or personality tests assess your management skills - once completed you can then highlight areas that you wish to enhance or improve.

3. Join a new Network or Group - Use all opportunities to interact with others in the same line of business is not only healthy but will give you new perspectives on the challenges you may face. Sharing good news will also give you back a sense of pride of your team and department.

4. Collaborate - engage more with your fellow Managers meet at least once a month to dialogue about your experiences and best practices - Remember you are not alone!

5. Take a break - Schedule time away from your team each week, when you can sit and reflect, review and plan.

6. Simplify your job responsibilities - Remember to delegate tasks to your team, we have a tendency to feel guilty about saying "no." Because of this, we often have too much on our plates. Determining how much of those portions come from external demands and expectations and how much we put there ourselves is a critical step in reducing and eliminating burnout.

We hope these tips will help you reenergise and refocuses your passion for Management!

If you have any questions then please comment below.

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