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Apprenticeship - Case Studies

If you are 16 - 24 years old, starting an apprenticeship could change your life! Become an Apprentice click here

Or, If you are employed and work in the following roles:

  • Business Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Management

Academy of Learning supports businesses of all sizes, throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire to train their employees with Apprenticeships through the Government Apprenticeship scheme.

Did you know your company may be able to access funded training for you? click here for more information

Read casestudies of real apprentices below...

Luke Munro - Works for Neopost

Luke has now completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Customer Service!

Read all about Luke's journey here... 

In the months leading up to starting my apprenticeship I was at school completing my GCSES. I was originally going to go to college to study a business administration course and then I got the offer for an apprenticeship and decided to go for it as I wanted to gain experience whilst working and also studying.

My priorities are to gain experience and also get the qualification at the end as this is something extra for my CV and will help if I wanted to go into a customer service role in another company or stay at the same company. I would like to stay at the company as I really enjoy working here.

I would like to stay in this...

My first impressions were that I was welcomed into the company and that everyone is very friendly. I was concerned on my first as I was nervous because I didn't know anyone when meeting the other 3 apprentice's I did get slightly nervous and then when I meet the recruitment officer my nerves disappeared. I didn't expect everyone to be so kind and welcoming but everyone was. 

I was given the task to set up my PC so that it was ready for when I was ready to start taking calls I had to make sure I had all the price lists, phone numbers and swap processes etc. The most important things I have learnt is that when a customer has a query it should be resolved from beginning to end.

I enjoy helping customers resolve any issues they have from beginning to end. I also enjoy using Live Chat when customers are trying to contact us if there's an issue with the machine. There aren't really any parts of the Job I don't enjoy except when a customer is having a go at you when you are right and they are wrong.

Neopost provide products and services that meet with customer needs when it customer to Mailing Solutions and also provide stationery and furniture for customers. The company is providing machines to customers and if there is an issue with that machine they contact me and try to resolve the issue over the phone so the customer is not without the machine for a long period.

In my spare time I am part of a band which I enjoy going to, I attend on a Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours. The skills have helped my band when I am communicating with different people ensuring that their needs are meet.

As I have now finished my qualification I have been informed that there is a full time position as of November which I have accepted. In the beginning I was nervous and worried about making a mistake or getting something wrong and giving up. All I thought is that I will never learn if I don't make mistakes.

Making mistakes was the best way I learned and it has made me the person I am today.

My customer service qualification will help me in my future career path as when going for a Customer Service Job and there are other candidates going for the same Job my qualification should stand me out in front of anyone else.

I would recommend the Apprenticeship scheme to anyone as it is a great way to learn on the job, earn money at the same time and also there could be a job at the end of the day.

Laura - Works for The Equestrian Learning Academy

 Laura has completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration!

Laura has always had a love of horses and wanted to have a career looking after them. However, due to a change in circumstances she started to look for office jobs but with no experience in this field she was not even getting to an interview.

Laura then decided to explore the Apprenticeship route which she knew would give her the experience she needed. Through the Academy of Learning, Laura found a Business Administration Apprenticeship vacancy with The Equestrian Learning Academy.

This has fulfilled Laura's dreams and she said not only is she gaining valuable experience in an office role, but she is also working with likeminded people who have a love of horses. Since starting the role, Laura said she has also started to work with some of The Equestrian Learning Academy apprentices and has helped train them in the knowledge of horse care and has been lucky enough to visit some yards to give hands on training with horses.

Stevenage Homes - Case Study

Apprenticeships in Business Administration and Customer Service

How Stevenage Homes solved more than one challenge with apprenticeships. 

How do you create a sense of company identity and customer care whilst training your new staff?  Stevenage Homes have developed an innovative solution along with training providers, Academy of Learning. 

"Our apprentices don't come to us just to learn a new job, whilst developing their skills in business administration and customer service they are also able to see how their role fits in to the wider organisation, and to use the skills they learn to help us improve our business".  Stevenage homes has used the Apprenticeship funding to train existing staff.

Benefits to the individual

"At Stevenage Homes our apprentices have their own roles within the team and learn how that fits in with the department objectives. They have the opportunity to look at the wider issues that affect their job role and carry out research to produce as evidence for their nationally recognised qualification."

Benefits to the business

Apprenticeships have helped Stevenage Homes to address individual training and development needs. By looking at their own job roles in more depth the apprentices are able to understand what they do and suggest and implement improvements to their way of working.  By undertaking this training the staff felt more appreciated and able to use his initiative to help improve the way in which the company works.  By promoting learning opportunities within Stevenage Homes the staff feel part of the wider business.

Academy of Learning Ltd are a quality provider of ILM, OCR & EDI Qualifications. They fully   support the apprenticeship programme.  Linda Mockford, Managing Director commented that her philosophy is based around "your learning is our passion".

Apprenticeships can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent.  Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future. The mixture of on and off job learning ensures they learn the skills that work best for your business.  Over 130,000 businesses offer apprenticeships. These companies have experienced the benefits that apprentices bring to their business - increased productivity, committed and competent work force and improved competitiveness.